• Hi Alani,

    Yes – I love it! Great work with this piece, yet again. There’s a lot of story development happening here. We really get to see Artemis dive deep into the action, which is great.

    I’ve attached a document with my feedback!

    Amazing work Alani! 🙂


  • Hi Erin,

    You’ve done a great job of creating your encyclopaedia – well done!

    I like how you’ve included heaps of information about the island and what creatures inhabit it. 

    I also think it’s a great idea how you’ve divided the entries into the four Islands from your map. This is a really clear way of showing the differences between each isl…[Read more]

  • Hi Ashira,

    Congratulations on finishing all the exercises! You’ve done an amazing job at bringing such a beautiful story to life and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your work. You are a very skilled writer! Your writing flows at such a lovely pace and your vocabulary is always impeccable.

    This piece was a lovely note to finish on, and wraps up…[Read more]

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    Student Ashira Naidu finished the unit Exercise 7 – Narrative voice in course Online Creative Writing Workshop for Young People Aged 10 and up

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